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I work with a wide range of issues, but have particular experience in the following.  If your issue is not listed below, then please do get in touch to discuss if I could be helpful.

Can be considered in many ways; financial, physical, psychological or sexual. This can happen in either intimate relationships, family household or work relationships. The perpetrators behaviour is controlling and coercive. At times it can take a very long time for the victim to reach out for help, there is usually several reasons for this; denial, fear, victims may minimize what has happened. It is very important to note that abusive behaviour is taken seriously, and the victim is heard and not blamed.
Can be considered as a dependency on something. This can be physiological and psychological. The person suffering with this will have no control over their choices associated with their addiction. The individual has feelings of craving and feeling out of control, risk taking, insomnia, irritability, paranoia, guilt, shame, anxiety and panic attacks, deteriorating relationships, financial problems that are escalating, poor work performance/absenteeism.
Anxiety can be a survival instinct and a useful tool; many individuals suffer with. Two key anxiety signs are fear and worry. Fear is a response to a known threat whereas worry is a feeling of apprehension in response to an unknown threat.
Bereavement & Loss
Is difficult to come to terms with, a loss of relative, immediate family member or close friend. The grieving process is different for all individuals. Processing the death can take sometimes take weeks, months or even years. At times there is a difficulty to accept what has happened. There are many feelings, thoughts and emotions involved in dealing with this such as; denial, fear, anger, acceptance, bargaining, sadness etc.

There are many different levels of depression (low mood, moderate & severe). It often leaves you feeling sad and numb for a period of weeks, sometimes months and longer. There are variety of triggers that can cause depression depending the individual. Sometimes it can be a one off and sometimes it can slowly build up from life challenges.

Dealing with life-threatening illness
A diagnosis of cancer, heart disease or a serious illness can leave us feeling devastated, sense of isolation, loss of self and powerless. You feel overwhelmed by this new change in lifestyle and find it hard coming to the new changes in your life. There are ways to manage these difficult emotions, to ease the stress and find a way through this challenging time.

Developing an identity or sense of self can take time particularly when you are suffering with a loss of self. This can happen through life’s challenges, struggling with identity issues can lead to anxiety, low self-esteem and insecurity.

Relationship difficulties
Fostering good relationships helps us feel connected and loved. Studies have shown that good relationships can help us manage stress. However, difficulties in relating to one another can leave you feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and can link into other psychological conditions such as; eating disorders, major depression, sleep problems, loneliness, low self-esteem, social anxiety disorder.
Separation & Divorce
Going through a separation or divorce is a psychological and an emotional process. There are often feelings of anger, denial, sadness, depression, acceptance and bargaining, guilt and shame.
Stress is common and can negatively impact our lives. It can cause physical (headaches, sleep & eating problems) and psychological effects such as anger, anxiety, frustration, sadness, fear, confusion, depression, racing thoughts, lack of concentration and lack of motivation. Knowing how to manage our stress levels can help us live a more satisfying lifestyle.
Trauma can happen to us all in life, it can be big or small. Our initial reactions to trauma can lead to us feeling exhausted, confused, agitated, numbness, anxious, angry, shock, denial, shame etc.
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