Steppingstone offers Psychotherapy and Counselling online, on the telephone or face to face in Stanmore North west London or Bloomsbury, London.

Why Psychotherapy & Counselling?

Life can be hard at times, leaving you feeling you can’t cope. This is where Steppingstone Psychotherapy and Counselling can help give you a non-judgemental confidential space to talk and not to think & feel alone. It can be daunting to reach out particularly when you aren’t familiar with psychotherapy and counselling.

Steppingstone Psychotherapy can make this process easier by providing a comfortable, supportive, non-judgemental confidential space you need.

Working towards patterns of changed behaviour is a process:

  • first, we would identify these & seek to understand how and why
  • Then explore how these unhelpful patterns can cause problems
  • Try to make a connection through past and present experiences
  • Deal with these difficult feelings
  • Feeling heard and understood
  • To find practical steps and an alternative way forward
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